The Obligatory Introductory Post

by thefeministgadfly

This blog arose as the result of an argument. However, before we explain what argument was, we ought first to tell you who we are.

We, the contributors to The Feminist Gadfly, are students at a relatively centrist Midwestern undergraduate liberal arts university. We span a large range of genders, sexualities, socio-economic classes, and geographic origins. (Unfortunately, we have yet to span a wide number of races.) Our differences in backgrounds give rise to numerous disagreements on many topics. The thread that binds our discourse together is feminism.

…or gender egalitarianism. This, you see, is where our argument got its start.

The question was raised “if the goal that we are trying to achieve is that of gender equality, should we not move away from the term ‘feminism’ with its negative popular associations and implications of gender bias?” Our responses divided us.

In our various postings on this blog, we shall attempt to deal with the question of feminist identification outside of the limited context of a gender studies classroom. Do we need a separate movement to deal with the problems men face? Is the gendered nature of the term feminism too divisive for our purposes? Is the negative popular perception of feminism enough to push us away from the term?

Being college students, we are congenitally incapable of avoiding distraction. Therefore, it might behove you to expect much in the way of off-topic discourse. However, as with our differences in views, expect the running theme to be that of gender egalitarianism.

-The Feminist Gadfly