Moderation Policy

…we don’t have one. Yet.

Being fairly new, we haven’t really had the need to hammer out a specific moderation policy yet. We’ve pretty much just been deleting obvious bot-spam, since no human has tried to post anything even questionably hateful yet. That said, here are some things that are flat-out unacceptable, and will not be tolerated on the Gadfly:

– Obviously sexist bullshit (read: your post can be summarized as “gender a is worse than gender b”)
– Obviously racist/classist/homophobic/ableist/otherwise hateful bullshit
– Threats/Harassment/Stalking/etc.
– Personal attacks. Debate is fine; calling someone a *racial slur* is not debate.
– Victim blaming, rape apologism, and abuse apologism
– Anything the moderators deem to be outside the boundaries of civil discourse.

What is not on this list is disagreeing with the bloggers. Feel free to critique and criticize, just do so in a respectful, civil manner.